Paul Tracy

Dr. Jim Lowe and I were co-drivers for the grueling, twice-around-the-clock Rolex 24 At Daytona sports car race. Part of my job was to coach and Jim would steadily get better, never spinning or flying off the track or making a bad mistake. This is how I gave him his nickname, “Jimmy Smooth,” and made a great new friend in the process. World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon let me relive a fun time in my career. It will be just as pleasurable for anyone who enjoys an insightful story about a personal journey of perseverance and goal attainment with a high-speed twist.
Paul Tracy: IndyCar Racing Champion

Bob Varsha

Jim Lowe’s tale of how a dedicated, confident and otherwise rational neurosurgeon took it into his head, and well into his personal life and professional career, to start driving race cars is a fun read. From tracing his racing dreams to a much-loved toy race track of his childhood to finally realizing them as an adult, everyone who has ever tried racing, or simply just dreamed about it themselves, will be able to connect with the emotions of the journey, from self-doubt to exhilaration and everything in between.
Bob Varsha: Television Motorsports Commentator

Ridwan Shabsigh

Joy pursuing the beautiful things in life, not just work!

For some, car racing might represent an extreme sport. For others, it might show a joy at risk-taking.  Dr. Jim Lowe’s book, “World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon,” illustrates how car racing can connect with an even greater number of human passions.

The determination to achieve personal goals in life may sometimes be called “stubbornness” or “inflexibility,” especially when such goals are difficult and require intense investment of time and effort. Yet such determination can frequently be the drive and motivation to wake up every morning with a smile. This is the “flame in the heart” that keeps on and on, spreading warmth into the day and giving light into the night.

The determination to pursue personal goals becomes amazing when it involves beautiful things, such as sport, art, music, and other creative skills, and leads to increased satisfaction and joy in life. This joy is the most sweet when the pursuit of those goals has to be squeezed into an already full life. Dr. Jim Lowe admirably pursued his goal in car racing with the same determination he pursues his professional life as a neurosurgeon! His book, “World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon,” shows us how he did that and, in the process, gives us a look at the wonders of his mind, heart, and life.

Most interesting is that Dr. Jim Lowe, who focused his medical training on neuroscience, chose car racing as a hobby. A neurosurgeon deals with surgical diseases of the nervous system that often call for split-second decisions in the operating room. It is this very nervous system that is challenged to perform at maximum levels during car racing. It is a sport that, under the most intense conditions, demands the best neuromuscular coordination, precision, and performance as well as the quickest decision-making ability. “World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon,” a title with double meaning, shows us how Dr. Jim Lowe combined both worlds, and he tell his story with subtle humor and a light touch  throughout the book.

Neurosurgeons are some of the busiest doctors. It takes many years of medical school and specialty training to become a neurosurgeon, with sleepless nights and weekends of study leading to hectic days with patients and surgery. In “World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon,” Dr. Jim Lowe shows us how it’s possible to learn, optimize, and pursue car racing while thriving as a busy neurosurgeon, how life can be not only work, but also the joyful pursuit of beautiful things!
Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh: Bestselling Author and Professor of Clinical Urology at Cornell University