There are good fast surgeons.
There are bad fast surgeons.
But there is no such thing
As a good slow surgeon.

by Dr. Jim Lowe

Read what Skip Barber has to say about World's Fastest Neurosurgeon

“ A very enjoyable read. Jim shows his talents with the scalpel, the keyboard and the steering wheel in his first-hand account of what many people dream about doing and a few actually make happen: going racing. ”

The new book by Dr. Jim Lowe

World's Fastest Neurosurgeon is the first-hand story of Dr. Jim Lowe and his personal journey on a 170-mph path less traveled in pursuit of sports car racing glory.

“This outstanding book opened up to me the mysteries and miracles of surgery while offering a unique perspective on reaching for our dreams while balancing the daily demands of life, love and family. It all adds up to an entertaining read that truly has something for everyone.” —Leigh Diffey

“For some, car racing might represent an extreme sport. For others, it might show a joy at risk-taking. Dr. Jim Lowe’s book, "World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon,” illustrates how car racing can connect with an even greater number of human passions.” —Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh