Dr. Jim Lowe

Dr. Jim Lowe is an over-achieving yet unassuming Neurosurgeon, adventurer and family man who has spent a productive lifetime – so far – pursuing greatness at a variety of personal and professional levels.

Never shying away from a challenge, Jim has achieved and accomplished more before the age of 50 than most people do in a lifetime. Along the way, he chronicled his experiences and various endeavors in a series of blogs and email recollections that have been woven together in his entertaining new book, World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon.

Born on June 27, 1963 in Darby, Pennsylvania, Jim’s initial pursuits came in football, beginning in pee-wee competition at the age of six and ascending all the way to four years playing for Harvard’s NCAA Division 1 program.

In addition to his degree from Harvard, and successfully completing medical school at Temple University, Jim was also in the United States Marine Corps. One of the things he is most proud of, 30 years later, is his honorable discharge from the USMC.

Jim was also on his high school track team and to this day still enjoys surfing, competitive snowboarding, golf – anytime and anywhere – and doing his part as an occasional little league baseball coach. He also enjoys bass and fly fishing with his family, wife Ginny and teenage son Aidan.

Jim’s ultimate athletic aspirations, however, came in the deceivingly demanding world of top-tier sports car racing competition, a 170-mph path less traveled that serves as the very foundation of World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon.

Spanning nearly a decade, from his first laps in entry level Skip Barber Racing School cars to wheeling a 200 mph purpose-built prototype race car on the road course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Jim’s racing pursuits quickly became more than just striving to be the first to the checkered flag. His high-speed motorsports career was really a multifaceted journey touching on several universal and familiar human traits and motivations.

Jim’s racing was a lesson in perseverance, life balance, goal attainment and good old fashion chasing your dreams, both in the operating room as a leading Neurosurgeon and on the on high-banks and twisty infield turns of Daytona International Speedway and other iconic race tracks.

It all combines in an engaging and insightful read that makes World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon the perfect book for anybody who has ever aimed high in pursuit of their dreams.