Jim Pace

Overall winner of the 1996 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and the Sebring 12 Hours, Jim Pace is a former medical student and a consummate Mississippi gentleman. Jim’s success at the track can also be measured by the generation of accomplished racers that he’s coached and mentored.

Johannes van Overbeek

A favorite teammate on many successful teams, Johannes is a Porsche Cup winner and capable of driving a wide variety of race cars very, very fast. Whether you want to win at LeMans or just learn to lap your Ferrari a little faster on club days, Johannes is the guy you want in the seat.

Rogerio Reis

Quiet and with a bit of that mad-scientist attitude, Roger can build, prepare and repair racecars, and manage mechanics (and drivers) better than most everyone on the planet. Crew chief for Jim Lowe in five straight Rolex 24 at Daytona races, and multi-time ALMS “Mechanic of the Year” winner.

Ralf Kelleners

Ralf is a long-time German pro driver who joined the JLowe Racing/TRG team for a one-off appearance at the ’07 24 Hours of Daytona. He set the fastest GT lap in the race, and never put a wheel wrong all weekend.

Mike Johnson

Former reality-TV star and race team owner, Mike has taken many different groups of mechanics, drivers and other team personnel and emerged with successful operations on more than one occasion. His wicked sense of humor helps him deal with the often challenging mix of amateur and pro drivers.

Murray Marden

Retired commercial pilot, successful racer and a font of endless “you’re not gonna believe this” stories, Mur has also managed several race teams and put up with more than his share of Jim Lowe’s antics.

Tommy Sadler

A patient attitude allowed Tommy to survive a month of trying to point Jim Lowe in the right direction during his first trip to Daytona; if this long-time successful crew chief ever got truly frustrated, it didn’t show.

Sebastien Constans

Sebastien engineered the ’07 car to a strong result at Daytona, somehow getting varied input from four very different drivers and personalities and still managing to make the car faster.

Revere Greist

Grad student and wicked-fast amateur driver, the ultra-laid back Revere put up with the first-time jitters of his co-driver and set an example of quiet excellence in and out of the car.